The Guyana Equality Forum (GEF) is a network of civil society organisations working cohesively to achieve equal rights and justice for all Guyanese. The GEF was formed as a collaborative response to addressing human rights abuses against sexual and gender minorities in Guyana. These violations continue to occur, despite the best efforts of civil society in Guyana to tackle them.

An analysis of the human rights situation in Guyana highlighted that: there are challenges within the legal framework with respect to discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) persons; and a dearth of capacity by Guyanese civil society organisations (CSOs) to address human rights violations and protect vulnerable persons from discrimination.

What we do


The GEF vigilantly documents incidences of discrimination against LGBTI persons and other human rights violations, especially against vulnerable persons using a common instrument. The GEF also publishes, when possible, reports on human rights in Guyana.



When deemed appropriate, CSOs can refer cases that may need the GEF’s intervention for strategic litigation as a coalition of organizations.



The GEF aims to raise awareness of the human rights of LGBTI persons and other vulnerable groups, and forms of discrimination they face. The forum works collectively to tackle discrimination and human rights abuses against LGBTI persons and other vulnerable groups.